I am a designer, strategist, technologist and storyteller that lives to make a dent.

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:: How I Do It ::

Seamless Integration

User Experience

Discover what the people want. Deliver what they need. I use ux principles to produce both.

Process Automation

Brand & Design Strategy

Defining what makes a brand tick is my thing. I script every detail of a brands path to success.

Time Saved

Product & Program Creation

With strategy in hand, I use my design and storytelling tools to turn ideas, products and programs into reality.

:: Selected Work ::

:: Recognized by ::

50 Connector Customizations
50 Connector Customizations
50 Connector Customizations

:: About Me ::

For a tad over 4,015 coffee fueled, pixel pushing days, Eric Martinez has been creating print, interactive and video solutions for youth, entertainment and cause-focused clients.

As a child, Eric cut his creative teeth concocting Trans-Am’s and X-Wing fighters out of his bristle blocks. Having noticed his imagination run amuck, his parents thought better and decided to channel his creativity into drawing and painting classes. Thank heavens for good parenting as Eric has since enjoyed helping clients like Walt Disney Records, Mattel, Lionsgate, Sapient and the Library Foundation of Los Angeles create solutions that, on good days, appeared on the pages of HOW, Communication Arts, Print, ID Magazine and Creativity. Today, he hides under the name Ambidextrous Studio in Whittier, California. He clicks a mean mouse but really, he’s a swell guy.