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Gutierrez Energy

ReBrand + Website

As consumers became more informed about energy and the environment, Gutierrez Energy found the need to rebrand to accommodate this shift. Gutierrez Energy found themselves answering more and more questions about sustainable energy practices such as solar and wanted a new brand that reflected their knowledge in sustainable energy practices. With over a decade of experience as an electrician, Gutierrez wanted the new brand to reflect their high industry standing while simultaneously moving towards the positions as a trusted renewable energy partner.

My Role:

Brand Strategy + Visual Design + Illustration + HTML/CSS/Bootstrap Development

The Process

Define Brand




Design Strategy

Illustrate Sustainable Practices

Simplify Offering

Elevate Industry Perception

User Alignment

Solar Expertise

Trusted Partner

Job Done Correct

visual brand design

Brand Logo

upgraded logo

previous logo

icons + illustrations

website design

brand goodies